Your Repumeter

Managing Your Reputation by Leveraging the Power of Your "Expert Insights" 

What is Your "Repumeter"

It's a tool for gauging the state of your reputation based on what others are saying about you. Understanding your "repumeter" helps you to take the right steps to control the conversation about you to position yourself as the only logical choice in your field.

How Do You Control It?

Understand the four reputation control factors that drive the conversation out there. People will attach your name to specific things. Your job is to make sure they attach your name to something different than everyone else who does what you do. You do this by leveraging the power of the spoken word in a very specific way...with your "Expert Insights".

What Are "Expert Insights"?

You hold a unique, hidden wisdom and a powerful message that sounds completely different from everyone else; your "Expert Insights"

Discover how to provide your audience with a snapshot of their world they’ve never considered before, shake their paradigms, rattle their beliefs then position you as their solution. Your "Expert Insights help you to stand out, get noticed and be chosen!

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This is a one-day, group training program delivered over ZOOM.  The session will be recorded and you will have access to the recording.

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