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The Wealthy Entrepreneurs Network Virtual Experience:

Wednesday, August 25, 8:30 AM - 3 PM EDT (GMT -4)

Only $97 USD
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Our Special Guest Speakers

Dr. Joe Vitale is the author of over 80 books, many of which are 1# best-sellers including, The Attractor Factor, Zero Limits, and There’s a Customer Born Every Minute. Joe is also one of the stars in the hit documentary, The Secret, and has been featured in 17 other movies. He will show you how to create a steady flow of customers, even if you don't have a dime to spend on marketing!

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Tim Shurr, MA, has advanced degrees in Psychology and is a Multi-Award Winning Hypnotist. He facilitated over 15,000 individual coaching sessions and hundreds of group training experiences over the last 32 years and discovered how to quickly eliminate anxiety and self-sabotage while skyrocketing productivity and leadership impact. As an award-winning Leadership Speaker, Tim has helped Corporate Clients earn millions in annual revenue using the One Belief Away founder of the Global Legend Summit and host of the popular, How To Be Mesmerizing podcast.

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Faythe Buchanan is an expert in helping highly successful, driven entrepreneurs spend time on high value work without dealing with anxiety or feeling drained.

If you really need to feel less stressed, have cosmic calm when things go wrong, and have laser focus when things are uncertain then she can definitely help you.

Although many do not realize that Anxiety comes in the guise of ‘Limiting Beliefs,’ ‘Lack of Confidence,’ ‘Fear of Success,’ ‘Fear of Failure.’ Faythe has uncovered that all of that is just Anxiety under different labels.

Faythe Buchanan, Anxiety Deactivation Expert 

BSc.O.T., HT, CCP, Cert. Neuroscience of Conversation, LAB Profile Trainer, Deep Thought Strategist, Professional Speaker, Past President CAPS Atlantic
[email protected]

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Tasia Keeng is the founder of Lovelight Home Design Inc., an interior design company that specializes in using Environmental Psychology, Feng Shui and diverse systems of sensory access to design residential and commercial spaces. She is the creator of the Holistic Harmony Impact System and Home Harmony Healing Advantage, plus host of the Inner & Outer Transformation Podcast. As an Interior Designer, Feng Shui practitioner and Intervenor for Deafblind Individuals, she has more than sixteen years’ experience facilitating the interaction of people and their environment, be it social, sensory, medical and more. Tasia is the Diamond Winner of the Readers’ Choice Awards in the city of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada for her work in interior design and home wellness design.


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Save Your Seat Now!

Join us at the WEN Global Virtual Experience on Wednesday, October 27, 2021

This could be the most important event you attend all year.

This is a $197 Value. However, for the month of September, we are inviting you as our guest.

Wednesday, October 27, 2021
8:30 AM to Noon & 1 PM - 3PM EDT



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If You're in the Financial Business

Financial planners, Insurance Professionals, Mortgage Professionals... you'll learn how to reposition yourself and your business to become the unmistakable authority in your marketplace.

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If You're in the Coaching Business

Executive Coaches, Success Coaches, Marketing Coaches, Business Coaches... you'll discover how to make your competition irrelevant by crafting and monetizing your unique "Expert Insights."

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If You're in the Personal Development Business

Health Professionals, Spiritual Professionals, Mental Health Professionals... you'll find out how to position yourself above everyone else who does what you do so you can get more business more easily.

It's a Virtual Experience Like No Other!

It's high-energy, high-quality and mostly, high-value from start to finish!  It's motivational, inspirational and educational.  Not only that, but it's LOADS of fun!

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Meet and Mingle with Our Wealthy Entrepreneurs Network (WEN Global) Members. 

There's even networking ( a virtual event!) and connecting at the WEN Global Virtual Experience. Meet with other WEN Global members, create partnerships and forge powerful alliances!

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Who is the Wealthy Entrepreneurs Network (WEN Global)?

We help successful and forward thinking business owners elevate their success and attain financial freedom by showing them how to extract their own unique and compelling message in order to sell effectively and confidently.

We created The Deep Thought Strategy™.

This framework helps you become the unmistakable authority in your field by uncovering and monetizing your unique "expert insights".

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Steve and Jayne Lowell

Steve and Jayne are the founders of the Wealthy Entrepreneurs Network (WEN Global).

STEVE is the creator of the Deep Thought Strategy™ framework. He's an award-winning global speaker with over 35 years of experience training entrepreneurs to monetize their message through the spoken word.  He's also the Vice President of the Global Speakers Federation with a reach of over 56,000 professional speakers around the globe.

JAYNE is a global professional speaker and is known around the world as "The 7-Figure Mindset Mentor".  After retiring from her 8-figure business in 2010, she embarked on her coaching career.

Together, Steve and Jayne run a 7-figure global speaking and training business helping entrepreneurs achieve financial freedom through business success.

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Here's What People Are Saying About The Lowells


"If you're thinking of working with Steve, run...don't walk, it will be an AMAZING experience. I can promise you that!"

Jack Canfield
Co-Author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul"



"Jayne and Steve are two of the best business coaches in the world today!"

Brian Tracy
Legendary Speaker and Author of over 80 International Best Sellers.


"I'm so impressed with Steve and Jayne and the transformational work they have been doing all around the world"

Kevin Harrington
Original shark on the hit TV show "Shark Tank", creator of "As Seen On TV"



August 2020

Jennifer Beale

Award Winning Networker
2017 Brilliant Minded Women Business Award

Jennifer works with ambitious and well-meaning business owners. She created a membership program called

The Virtual Hot Traffic Accelerator™. Members of this program use 10 key strategies to generate an on-going stream of hot qualified prospects for their business. It also helps them avoid The Cold Traffic Jam™.

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August 2020

Billy Selekane

Multi award winning, Hall of Fame International speaker

Billy is a human performance expert and a master of transforming thoughts and beliefs into actions which will yield the life you desire.

Billy will be joining us all the way from South Africa and Jayne will be interviewing him.  You'll also have a chance to ask him your questions.

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June 2020


Expert investor, 3-time New York Times Best Selling author and founder of Rule #1 Investing

Not only is Phil a world-class investor, he's a world-renowned motivational speaker and author of THREE #1 New York Times best-sellers including; "Rule #1: The Simple Strategy for Successful Investing in Only 15 Minutes a Week!" and "Payback Time: Making Big Money Is the Best Revenge!"

He has spoken on stages with some of the biggest names in the world including George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

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May 2020

Kevin Harrington

An original “shark” on the hit TV show Shark Tank, the creator of the infomercial, pioneer of the As Seen on TV brand, and co-founding board member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization—Kevin Harrington has pushed past all the questions and excuses to repeatedly enjoy 100X success.


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 April 2020

Brian Tracy

Legendary Business Guru and Global Professional Speaker.  Brian is the author of over seventy books that have been translated into dozens of languages. His popular books are Earn What You're Really Worth, Eat That Frog!, and The Psychology of Achievement.


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Multiple #1 International Best-Selling Author...

Globally Recognized as the Unmistakable Authority in the Professional Speaking World...

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